About Us

Cyberworld Studios is a professional game and application development company that staffs some of the most experienced senior software and code-writing experts in the industry. Our knowledge and experience enables us to deliver the very best custom software, gaming and application, or app, solutions across a variety of devices including mobile, tablet and personal computer. Not only to we provide coding solutions for multiple devices but also provide development for all major platform technologies including mobile and tablet for Apple, Android, Black Berry, and personal computer devices for Apple Computer as well as PC.

Our Mission

Cyberworld Studios engages in the business of developing and publishing video games and mobile software applications ("Apps") of all types such as gaming, healthcare, financial, etc. Cyberworld Studios also serves as a business incubator for companies engaged in the business of developing video games and gaming related software and Apps developers.

Cyberworld Studios seeks to provide these companies access to investment capital, management, industry expertise, business services financial planning and office/development space. Cyberworld Studios currently has a relationship with a large University and works with that University to mine exciting new talent that has been responsible for developing some of the best games and Apps in the country. Cyberworld Studios works with members of the University as well as students on certain exciting new projects and ambitious new ventures that will be launched by the Cyberworld Studios as well as the University. Cyberworld Studios generates revenue from the sale of games and Apps to its customers that are located in the U.S. and internationally. All of the Cyberworld Studios games and Apps are translated into different languages so that they may be sold internationally as well as in the U.S.

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